Web Development


Vanilla Javascript • Pug • Prismic • GSAP • SASS • Webpack • Node.js

Music App

React • Tailwind CSS • RapidAPI

Carbique Landing Page

Webflow • Figma

Creative Technologies


Javascript, p5.party, HTML/CSS

Is This Baby Mine?

Lightweight GAN, Projection Mapping

Waves In Your Mind

Brain-computer Interface, Physical Computing

Wicked (Audio-Visual)


Computational Form

p5.js, paper.js, tone.js

Face Recognition

p5.js, ml5.js

Interlacing Qubits

IBM Quantum, Lenticular Print

Weekly Data Portrait


Post Planets

3D Printing, Speculative Design

I also create experiences before development!

See more of my design projects

Red-carpet Nomination Mini Platform

Product Design • UX Design • Marketing

Fudan Graduation Gala Night ‘19

Graphic Design • Motion Design

More and More

Design Research, Prototyping