Lamplighters is a multiplayer game where players must look for lamps and navigate themselves to escape the dark room.

Given the task of creating a multiplayer game, I worked as a game developer with Skylar Ziji Wang, the artist, and Zhuoran Ma, the sound designer on this project.



about the game

To win the game, players can choose to either light up the entire darkroom, or find the exit until every one of them escapes. They need to play with the help of each other.

Teamwork is the dream work. Be each other’s light, Lamplighters!

how to win

  • Press Arrow Keys (←→↓↑) or WASD to control the direction of the character.
  • Each player walks with a lamp lighting a small area around. 
  • They can only see that area and other players‘ locations in their camera view.
  • When players meet each other, their lamps will light up a larger area.
  • Within the time limit, every player needs to find the only EXIT and escape.Collecting objects helps extend the time limit.